Of Poetry And Farewells

Yeah, that title sounds like a Dashboard Confessional song. Eat it.

Anyway, I’m going on a class trip. Leaving tomorrow. Will be back a week from monday. And yes, I know I didn’t keep to my schedule and put out another chapter of that Alara thing on tuesday, but c’mon, I had 2 reports to write, a final project, and a “Bouree in E minor” to memorize. Fucking bach.

So I leave you with poetry. These are some poems I wrote at various times, mostly during classes that I didn’t want to pay attention in. My best work is done while not paying attention.

(editor’s note: I started out numbering my poems, but I got bored so now my numbers range from “thu” to ∞. Also, one’s title was just a doodled symbol that looked kinda like a k, only with a dot instead of the upper right leg.)

Poem #q: Dragon

On a boring day in June,

I found a dragon in my laundry.

He was a small little thing,

Merely a wyrmling.

He (for I knew it to be male) looked at me.

Looked at me with sad eyes.

And I wondered,

What is this wyrmling doing,

Sitting there,


In my laundry?

One does not often find dragons in one’s laundry.

It’s quite an odd occurence,

worthy, indeed,

of a poem.

Perhaps he was trying to find other dragons.

Perhaps he was


Perhaps my laundry, being laundry, was simply a warm place to rest.

Or perhaps dragons gravitate towards laundry.

I don’t think I shall ever know, as

after that initial moment,

the dragon turned and fled.

I doubt I’ll ever see him again.


I’m bored.

Sitting here in German class, having a children’s book read to me.

Nothing to do but think.

So I think.

And dream.

Dreams of battles far away,

Dreams of seas of clouds.

Dreams of horned beasts,

of sailors,

of gods.

But I wake.

And I’m sitting in German class.

Having a children’s book read to me.


Those are the poems I feel like typing up. Feedback is welcome but not required, I already like those two poems so I don’t need external validation this time. Peace out, see you in a week and a half. I’ll probably have more poetry.