Flash Series Idea

Yeah.  I’m not sure where this idea came to me.  It’s a bit less weird than my last idea (which was completely apeshit crazy) but still maintains oddness.  It’d be comedy, of course, as I am incapable of writing not comedy.  Plus, when was the last time you saw a drama series in flash?  It doesn’t happen.

The concept of my flash series idea is this: It’s at a school, and weird things happen.  The humor would be mainly character-based, seeing as the concept is weak as hell.  Forunately, I’ve thought up some interesting characters, thus making it not suck.

Steve: Steve is the main character.  He’s smart, but bitter, cynical, and sarcastic.

Janis:  Steve’s best friend.  He’s not as smart as Steve, but he’s nice and has a good sense of humor.  His name is pronounced “Yanis”, and if anybody calls him Janice, he will fly into an uncontrollable rage and mutilate them horribly.  This horrible mutilation is, for some reason, always temporary, and the mutilated characters come back next episode.

Greg the Perve: The third friend in the group of friends.  He doesn’t say much, and when he does, it’s usually sexual innuendo.  He can see a double entendre in everything.  Yes, everything.

Sarah:  A girl who is not based on anyone I know in any way at all.  She’s liked by basically every guy in the school, and is constantly pestered by the three friends.  She’s friends with Steve and kind of likes Janis, but she is (understandably) vaguely frightened by Greg.

Mr. Bich: A teacher, and one of the asshole ones.  Although his name is pronounced “Bic”, he is called “Mr. Bitch” by his students behind his back.  It is revealed later in the series that his first name is “Niger”, pronounced “Ni-hair”.

Tom: A bully, with the intellect of wood. Constantly taunts the three friends, and is also constantly counter-taunted by them.  Often is mutilated by Janis.

The Idiots:  Tom’s followers, with intellects of wood with heavy termite damage.  Usually just chuckle while Tom insults people.

Das Schabereich:  Roughly translated, this means “The Cockroach-Empire”.  Literally translated, it means “The Scrapers-Calibrate”.  Crazy germans.  Das Schabereich are a group of nazi cockroaches bent on world domination… but they figure the school is a good place to start.  They speak in badly mutilated german-english, and the plot usually hingedon them attempting to take over the school.

Oberleutnant Zelig: The leader of Das Schabereich.  Constantly hatches bizzare plans, most of which don’t work, and don’t even have a chance of working.

The Cat:  A stray cat who wandered into the school at some point and decided to stay there.  Spends most of its time attempting to eat Oberleutnant Zelig.

That’s it so far.  Without Das Schabereich, it’d be pretty boring.  But Nazi cockroaches are always fun.  Input would be appreciated.

An Animation Idea

Yeah. I got this idea for a flash series a while ago, and I wrote a script for the first episode. The basic concept is complete and utter absurdity, and no narrative continuity whatsoever. So, here’s a script. It’s pretty weird.

Adventures in Existentialism


Episode One: Carrots and Carnage

<three guys standing there. No real place… just “there”>

Guy 1(let’s call him Sam): So, yeah… my wife’s sister is majoring in… philanthropical studies…

Guy 2(he’s George): Umm… what does philanthropical mean?

Sam: *sigh*… it means, “pertaining to philanthropy…” …dumbass…

George: Mm-hm… what’s philanthropy mean?

Guy 3(Greg the Stoner): It’s the study of people named Phil.

Sam: What!? That’s… that’s incorrect! I summon the God of Language Abuse!

<saint-guy appears>

Saint-Guy: Hi.

Sam: Who are you?

Saint-Guy: I’m the Lesser Saint of Disregard for Punctuation.

Sam: What!? I summoned the God of Language Abuse!

Lesser Saint: Yeah, he’s on break. You’ll have to deal with me. What was the offense?

Sam: He defined Philanthropy as “the study of people named Phil!”

Lesser Saint: What, he misuse a comma or something?

Sam: He can’t misuse a comma! We’re talking, you can’t punctuate while talking!

Lesser Saint: Yes you can. For example, you left out three semicolons in that last sentence.

Sam: There wasn’t a place for three semicolons!

Lesser Saint: Yeah… there was. Duh.

Sam: No there wasn’t, that’s completely stu-

Narrator: We now return to our regularly scheduled program, Micky the Mild-Mannered Messiah!

<Micky and some other guy are standing in a desert>

Micky: So, in case you didn’t know, I’m the Messiah.

Some Other Guy: …no you aren’t.

<other guy is smited>

Micky: You didn’t have to do that!

God: But he disrespected you!

Micky: I could have convinced him!

God: No you couldn’t have!

Micky: It’s just smite, smite, smite, all day with you, isn’t it!

God: I like to smite!

<switches back to three guys and lesser saint>

Sam: Okay, what the Christ on a stick was that?

Lesser Saint: Hey, profanity is bad… there are children watching this.

Sam: They shouldn’t be.

Lesser Saint: They still are.

Sam: Well screw childre-

Narrator: We now return to our regularly scheduled program, Micky the Mild-Mannered Messiah!

<Micky and some other guy are standing in a desert>

Micky: So, uh… I’m the Messiah. Worship me.

Other Guy: Nah, I’m an atheist.

God: Aha! An atheist! I now consign you to ETERNAL DAMNATION.

Micky: There’s no reason to eternally damn him!

God: He’s an atheist!

Micky: So? Eternity is a long time! How about just a few weeks?

Other Guy: Eternity isn’t really that long, man.

Micky: Yes… yes, it is. It’s forever.

Other Guy: No it isn’t.

Micky: Yes, it is. By definition.

Other Guy: Well, it’ll pass quick if I bring a pack of cards.

Micky: No, it won’t. It’s forever. It doesn’t pass.

Other Guy: Eh, whatever.

<switches back to other thing>

Sam: What the hell is that, a running joke!? I keep trying to have a rational discussion, and that keeps happening… does everybody hate me?

<George’s head changes to a bowling ball>

Sam: And now George has a bowling ball for a head! What is going on!? It’s like we’re trapped in some kind of half-assed animation… dammit! I hate this place! Let me out!

<credits start>

Sam: What? No! No credits! Screw the credits! I hate the credits! I was not finished yet you stupid piece of fecal feces on a FECES STICK.


Yeah… I’m not entirely sure where that came from. I have script for a second episode lying around somewhere, but I’m not sure where it is. I think I scrawled it out in the middle of math class and then shoved it in my binder or something.