Alara: Pantheon

Yeah, so I’m redoing the pantheon, based on the fact that things have changed since last summer, and also I think all the religious information of Alara should be in one, easily-accessible place. So here goes. (note that we’ve gone past the one-year anniversary of the inception of alara, but not yet the one year anniversary of me calling it Alara. That’s the twelfth. Maybe that’ll be the day I post the update)

The Young Pantheon
The Young Pantheon, also known as the Archan Pantheon, was brought to the Civilized Lands in the year 42 E.F. It has since become the dominant pantheon in both the Civilized Lands and the Wastes. The major book of the young pantheon is te’Archan Dal, or the Book of Archus (in old common). Archus and his ilk took over from the elder gods in a war of epic proportions, which eventually ripped the continents from the ground and produced the world of Alara now know.

Archus is the king of the gods — the young pantheon, that is. His favored form is that of a roughly middle-aged, well-muscled man with black hair and beard turning to gray in places. Other forms he takes are that of a white-haired but still muscular dwarf, or occasionally, when he’s in a battling mood, a large, well-muscled mountain dragon. Basically, he likes well-muscledness. His favored weapon is the broadsword, and his favored animals are, and this is a direct quote from te’Archan Dal: “Anythinge with a large amont of ferocitie, goode examples beinge the lyonne or egle.” This makes the griffin very archusish. Archus’ alignment is Lawful Good, and his tenants are as follows:

  • Be notte a pricke.
  • Uphold Law, Honorre, and Order.
  • Dance like no onne is watchinge. (it’s thought that this is a mistranslation).

Archus is most often worshiped by any variety of city-living, orderized people. The humans of the Civilized Lands and the Dwarves of Irongate both revere him considerably lots. He’s basically ignored in the Wastes, and the elves are bored by him.

Helena is Archus’ sister and (yes, we know this is kind of yucky, but gods can do this ’cause they don’t adhere to the regular rules of genetics) consort. Where consort means “off-and-on girlfriend that really thinks he’s a bit of a dork.” They really do love each other, really, and they’ve had at least three kids (perchance more, some of the demigods lying about have dubious heritages), but at this point Helena finds it more fun to just mess with Archus. For example, there’s currently a temple of Archus balanced exactly on the edge of the world. That’d be Helena. Helena is the goddess of trickery, love, and kindness. Quite a repertoire. She only ever appears as a very beautiful human woman, probably of around 35 or so, with long, brown hair and a pleasant smile.. Her favored weapon is the shortsword, and she likes cats. Cats are often considered to be sacred to Helena. Her alignment is Good, and her founding principles are:

  • Be nice to those who deserve it.
  • If it’s funny and not particularly damaging, it’s worth doing.
  • If the rich deserved their riches, they’d guard them better.

Helena is, mostly for the third principle, often payed tribute to by career thieves. The Wyrmspire Thieves’ Guild, for instance, is known to have a small shrine to her in the guildhall. Any manner of wanderer or rogue can find acceptance at her temples. Elves love her. She is also considered to be the patron goddess of Wyrmspire.

Anator is Archus’ brother and enemy. He’s a massive prick, and holds a deep belief that chaos is the ultimate form of life, and that all should be returned to chaos. In that vein, he is one of the most active gods in the mortal sphere, usually sewing chaos and breeding dissent. At least half of the wars in the past millenium can be traced back to an Anatorian starting point. Anator’s favored weapon is the flail and his favored animal is the wolf, though he also likes moose, for some reason. He often takes the form of a deathly thin, scraggly-haired human man, or a black-furred Njorlghar, or a giant swamp dragon. He is Chaotic Evil, and these are his tenants:

  • If you can do something, why not do it?
  • The weak are weak for a reason, and should be taken advantage of.
  • Power is worth anything.

Anator has cults all over the place, but the only places where his temples are accepted in the mainstream are Argan Vas, Selvern, or anywhere in the Wastes where Hundrites are.

Plaggan is the king of the dead, and another, lesser brother of Archus. It’s often vague in Archan mythology where exactly the dead go (there’s some thought that they go to a peaceful realm in the middle of the Evertorn) but wherever they go, there Plaggan is king. He is a rather torn god, as he feels that the whole “god of the dead” things means he probably should be evil and follow Anator, but he likes his realm of dead things and his rule and thus more often follows Archus, as Anator’s plan is to dissolve everything, and that’s not okay. Plaggan rarely takes any form at all, but when he does it’s a seemingly empty suit of rusted bronze armor. His favored weapon is any variety of polearm, and his favored animal the vulture. He is Unaligned. Tenants:

  • Do not hasten mortals’ paths toward death, but do not mourn when life takes its course.
  • The dead should be treated with respect.

Plaggan is often a half-forgotten god, worshiped only by those with dead relatives who want to make things nice for their loved ones. There are no areas where worship of him is particularly prevalent, though the Njorlghar of Wyrmspire seem to have some love for him.

Zaran is another one of the Archan brothers. He’s more of a rogue than the rest, and spends his time sailing the cloudsea. He’s the god of all sailors and explorers, and one of the least present gods on Alara, while ironically being one of the most present, as he’s usually sailing. He only ever takes the form of a massive human man with hair and beard of clouds. When great sailors die, he snatches them from the grasps of Plaggan and sails with them aboard his ship. He has a large assortment of sailors, a combination of minotaurs, humans, elves, rhokari, underfoot, and one odd dwarf. His favored weapon is the scimitar, and his animal the gull. He is Good, and his tenants are thus:

  • Explore and see as much of the world as you can.
  • Who cares what happens today? Tomorrow you’ll leave, and you can have just as much fun in the next town.
  • Party hard.

Sailors of all sorts revere Zaran, as does anyone who lives near or on the Cloudsea: the Rhokari, the Minotaurs, and many humans.

Omora Agabai
Omora Agabai is the goddess of magic, and sister of Archus.  She’s mysterious and vaguely ADD.  Sometimes she spends decades trying to mold the world to good, and then seems to drift off and no one hears of her for years.  She’s generally for any kind of trickery and anything involving magic.  She also protects wanderers and those on the lower rings of society.  She takes the form of a short, tan-skinned half-elf woman with black hair, seeming to fade between purple and blue in places.  Her hair seems to move with a mind of its own, whirling about and occasionally twisting itself into a bun when it’s bored.  This form varies in age, occasionally young or very old, but always the same person.  Omora Agabai’s favored weapon is the stave, and her favored animal is the raven.  She is Unaligned.  Tenants:

  • Explore and discover all you can.
  • Live for the moment.
  • If they can’t take a joke, fuck them

Omora is payed tribute to by all variety of mage and thief.  The elves have large temples to her as well, and the Njorlghar occasionally like her too.

Rudolphus is the son of Archus and Helena.  He is a god of knowledge and discovery.  His favored form is that of a bookish-looking, robed elf with long brown hair.  His favored weapon is the ledger (yes, he whacks people with books) and his animal the owl.  He is often worshiped by scholars and mages.  Rudolphus is Good.

Jurgan is Rudolphus’ twin brother, another son of Archus and Helena.  He is of the opinion that his brother is a twat, and he’s probably right.  Jurgan is a god of war, of combat, of glory, of valor, all that stuff.  He is exceedingly honorable.  His favored form is that of a youthful warrior, bedecked in shining plate and full of happy swordage.  When he deals with the minotaurs, however, he’s a minotaur.  ’cause that makes sense.  His favored weapon is the battleaxe, and his animal the bull.  His worshipers are any kind of soldiers, and the entire minotaur nation.  He is Unaligned.

White Aretha is the youngest child of Archus and Helena — their daughter.  She is the god of orderly death, the one that takes and ferries the souls of those whose time has truly come.  Her favored form is that of a young, eerily beautiful woman with whiteblonde hair.  Her favored weapon is th scythe, and her animal the dove.  She is Lawful Good.   She’s most commonly worshiped by really anyone who wants their death to mean something.

Black Hundriss is the son of Helena and Anator — it’s a long story.  He’s the god of chaotic death, of random murder and of slaughter.  Obviously, he’s Chaotic Evil.  He often takes the form of a thin youth with long, black hair.  His favored weapon is the scythe, something he’s still feuding about with his half-sister, and his favored animal the elk.  Hundriss likes elk.  He’s mostly a cult figure, not really bothering with temples n’ shit.

Elleida is the goddess of undead.  She’s the daughter of Plaggan and Omora Agabai.  Somehow, two Unaligned gods spawned an Evil daughter.  Obviously a bad fruit.  Her favorite form is a diminutive, black-haired, pale-skinned woman.  Occasionally, however, she’s tall and blond.  She’s actually kind of vain, which is odd for a goddess of undead.  Her favored weapon is the mace, oddly enough the only weapon able to smash her skeletons, and her favored animal the mouse.  We don’t know why.  She’s mostly a cult figure in the Civilized Lands, but in the Wastes she’s the most important god, along with White Aretha (which totally makes sense… actually, it does.  Read the wastes posts.)

Badhis is the goddess of nature.  She’s the daughter of Zaran and Omora Agabai.  She doesn’t particularly care for people, elves, dwarves, minotaurs, or anyone.  She likes nature.  Plants.  Animals.  It’s nice.  Her favored form is a green-haired, almost-treant girl.  Her favored weapon is the stave, it being the closest weapon to nature.  She’s not commonly worshipped, but she’s a popular figure both with druids and with the youth population, who have recently begun to become hippies.  She is Unaligned.

That’s the young pantheon.  I’ll do the others tomorrow, because quite frankly my ADD is setting in and now I have to either go make Magic: The Gathering cards or funk around with a recently-pirated copy of RPG Maker XP.  Fare thee well, and look forward to the twelfth…



  1. reaver said,

    July 9, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    Question: are all these ideas going to be implemented? Or is this simply a blog to keep track of all your ideas?

  2. Tusked On Dif' Computer said,

    July 10, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Well, I’m planning to eventually make a D&D campaign setting sourcebook or two out of Alara. So, I guess that counts as implementation. Until then, I’m just gradually creating my world.

  3. Pieboy said,

    July 19, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Oh wow I’m sixteen days late.

    This is really nice. I honestly think you should really start a campaign soon, for seriously.

  4. Pieboy said,

    July 29, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    I posted, finally.

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