Wyrmspire: The Palace

In the northernmost reaches of the glorious city of Wymrspire lies the Palace. The terminology here is a bit confusing: the Palace can refer to either the Palace itself or the general region of the Palace.

The Palace region is the only area of Wyrmspire that lies behind a wall other than that of the city itself. The idea was originally that in the event of successful siege, the citizens would take shelter in the palace region, and the enemy would be all like “shit, we need to besiege them again!?” and then they would leave. This is basically useless at this point, as anybody who even bothers to attack the power that is Wyrmspire is probably gonna stick it out until the end. The inner wall now serves as an easel for the local troubled youth. The graffiti is washed off by the city guards every week so as to keep the wall nice and shiny. The city guards resent this.

At the heart of the palace region lies the Palace itself. It is a glorious monument of architectural precision, made almost entirely from white marble. The main palace building is huge, and three massive towers emerge from it. The western tower is known as the Magus Spire, and is the seat of power for the Red Magi, who preside over all magical law in the civilized lands. The eastern tower is the Council Spire, and is the place where all council meetings take place. The center tower, and the tallest, is known as the Royal Spire. In it is contained the throne of Wyrmspire, as well as the living quarters of the royal family. Atop Royal Spire is a marvelously carved stone depiction of a roaring dragon, giving the city its name of Wyrmspire. Some of the council members are currently arguing that the Royal Spire should be used for council meetings instead of the Council Spire, seeing as it’s bigger and stuff, but it ain’t gonna happen if King Benedict has anything to say. All the council members also have lodgings in the Palace, even if half of them never use them.

Outside the palace, there are first the royal gardens. These sprawling, verdant areas are absolutely the most beautiful thing most people have ever seen. Rare plants from all around the world are grown here, and the result is a panorama of color and beauty. The gardener is an elf. Silly elves.

Past the royal gardens, there are fields that are used for military training, as well as the barracks of the Wyrmspire army, the most powerful army in the Civilized Lands. While entry is not mandatory, among the noble rings in Wyrmspire, it’s considered polite to serve at least a few years. The Wyrmspire army no longer actually fights direct wars with the armies of the Twelve, but merely takes part in a bunch of proxy wars centering around the Valley Kingdoms, a series of independent city-states that are often backed by either the Alliance or the Twelve. These wars are used as small power struggles to avoid actual war.

The Wyrmspire army is controlled by a group of four generals, who control the great Fortress Blacktree, and imposing fortress in the center of the palace region. This is where all the planning and plotting of the Wyrmspire army takes place. It’s been attacked several times by agents of the Twelve with the intention of destroying it, but they failed massively. And then they were thrown in the dungeons forever. Fortress Blacktree has some very nice dungeons – no one has ever escaped from them.

Important Palace Residents:

The Royal Family is arguably the most powerful family in the Civilized Lands. It is made up of King Benedict IV, Queen Katalina, Prince Adrian, Prince Randolph, and Princess Keara. King Benedict IV took power when his father, King Carith V, was slain in a hunting accident (although it was probably the Twelve assassinating him). Benedict was an adventurer and a rogue, as he was the younger son of Carith, and not expected to have any real responsibility. Unfortunately, his older brother Gandin was found dead in his room, shortly before the coronation was to take place. Benedict retired from adventuring and took the crown, a decision he has been regretting ever since, according to him. If it was the Twelve that killed his father and brother, they regret it, as Benedict has been a far better king than his father was or his brother would have been. He has prevented the fifth Imperial War from starting at least twelve times during his twenty-five year reign. He thinks this is a pretty good thing. Some of the more war-thirsty bastards disagree, but fuck them. He considers them shnathgotten, a very creative curse he uses.

Queen Katalina is King Benedict’s wife. It was an arranged marriage… well, almost. Katalina was scheduled to be married to Gandin when he took the throne. That fell through, so she married Benedict instead. Katalina is a benevolent queen, and spends most of her time wandering about the city, doing good deeds for poor people and generally attempting to help the populace, who love her very much. She is basically the only person from the Palace region that can wander the Old Quarter without being mugged, raped, or kidnapped and sold for spare parts. If anyone attempts to do those things to her in the Old Quarter, they are set upon by a gang of rabid followers and tossed into the vilest part of the river. It’s kind of disgusting.

Prince Adrian is a flaming asshole. He is King Benedict’s eldest son, at twenty-five years of age. He is as big as a bear and roughly as intelligent. He spends his time either drinking, gambling, or jousting and fencing with the various members of the army, who have mixed feelings about him. On one hand, he’s very skilled with all sorts of weapons, but on the other hand whenever battle is mentioned he hides under his bed. He’s also an incredible douche to people whenever he defeats them. Overall, he’s not very popular. His father considers him a worthless layabout who should get out and do some honest adventuring already. There’s rumors of Adrian messing about with prostitutes from the Noble Quarter, which would be a massive scandal if it was true.

Prince Randolph is the exact opposite of his brother, but almost as annoying. He’s twenty-two years old and spends all his time socializing with nobles and messing about in court, ingratiating himself to council members. He’s quiet and well-spoken, but lacks any actual opinions and is a bit of a fop when it comes down to it. Many of the council members are of the opinion that he should be the heir to the throne of Wyrmspire. Benedict vehemently disagrees. Prince Randolph expects it, however, which may be a bit of an issue when he doesn’t get it.

Princess Keara is King Benedict’s favorite child. She hasn’t been seen in the Palace since two years ago, when she ran away to go adventuring. She’s returned to Wyrmspire every now and then, but refuses to go near the palace and merely carouses in the Old Quarter. She is incredibly tough, and it’s best not to mess with her, or she’ll cut you. She’s at least as good with all manner of weapons as Adrian is, and can be as diplomatic as Randolph when it’s appropriate. She often dresses in leather and her face is covered in scars from various battles. And she’s only sixteen. Benedict is considering naming her heir, which would be a bit of an issue, as the throne of Wyrmspire has always been passed down the male line. But fuck that.

The Four Generals are the highest-ranking officials of the Wyrmspire army. They are General Adamus, General Rea, General Kharat, and General Lynodin. As well as making all overarching strategic decisions, they also each lead one of the four largest legions in the army: Silversword Legion, Warhorse Legion, Archaneye Legion, and Blackdagger Legion. These four legions are often referred to as the Imperial Legions.

General Adamus Caenas is the leader of the Silversword legion. He is exceedingly honorable, to the point of annoyance. In battle, he fights with a massive greatsword, and has a habit of challenging enemy leaders to single combat. The enemy leaders usually accept while subtly motioning to their minions to come around behind Adamus and kill him that way. The only reason no one has yet succeeded is that Adamus has a personal bodyguard, a hardened assassin who doesn’t play by the rules – and also happens to be completely in love with him. Funny how that happens. Of course, he’s got no idea. He’s too busy challenging enemy leaders to single combat.

General Rea Narcissa Ravenlocke is frightening. She leads the Warhorse legion. She’s technically the daughter of the illustrious Lord Hector Ravenlocke, an important noble of Wyrmspire. Unfortunately, she’s not the daughter of his wife. This has led to her growing up with her mother in the Old Quarter, hating the living hell out of all nobility. And then, of course, some asshole drafted her and she ended up in the army – in a unit commanded by Adam Ravenlocke, legitimate son of her father. This pissed the hell out of her. He ended up dead through a combination of buffoonery, an inability to lead, and a dagger in the back. She got his position. Afterward, she rose quickly through the ranks to become a general. She retains massive amounts of cynicism and distrust for nobility, and in fact keeps a secret police force for dealing with traitors. She and Benedict IV are very good friends, which is one of the only reasons she wasn’t drummed out of the army for being slightly unstable. In battle, she fights with a longsword in one hand and a shortsword in the other. She’s rather deadly.

General Kharat Blacktree is the only non-human general of the four generals. He’s the last member of the Blacktree family of dwarves, one of the original groups of Wyrmspire dwarves and the builders of Fortress Blacktree. The Blacktree family is very old, and he’s under considerable pressure to take a wife and continue it. He’s having none of it. He revels in strategy and battle, and is the general least often seen in Wyrmspire. He’s instead out killing whoever he feels like, and being really, really good at it. Kharat commands the Archaneye Legion, the oldest of the four Imperial Legions – indeed, its name is in Middle Common. That’s how old it is. In battle, Kharat fights with whatever weapon he feels like fighting with. Most commonly, he uses a massive warhammer, but he’s also been seen using a battleaxe, a lance, or just throwing rocks and shouting cusswords. Kharat likes to have fun.

General Lynodin is a bit of a mystery. He’s from strange lands to the northeast, far past the lands of the Twelve. He never speaks of his homeland. Indeed, he barely ever speaks at all. When he does, what he has to say is of the utmost importance, and the other generals always listen to it. He’s well liked by the other generals despite his oddness. He has a sense of honor similar to that of Adamus, a willingness to fight dirty like Rea, and revels in battle as Kharat does. Of course, his method of reveling is a bit odd. While the other generals wear armor of pure mithril, Lynodin goes into battle in simple leather armor and a long cloak. Then he fights like a fucking berserker. His favored weapon is a curved sword, and he’s really, really good with it. He leads the Blackdagger Legion. They all love him, for he is basically the perfect warrior. He’s pretty badass.

Lord Denedius Argyle is an important noble who lives in the Palace district. He is the chairman of the council, and an incredible bureaucrat. He regularly argues with King Benedict IV, whom he resents, mostly because that bastard ended up marrying his daughter. Denedius was incredibly excited when he learned that his only daughter Katalina was marrying the heir to the throne. He was considerably less excited when the soon-to-be-crowned Gandin III was slain, and she ended up marrying his scoundrel brother instead. Katalina was thrilled, of course, but Denedius doesn’t see it that way. Gandin was an upstanding member of the court, while Benedict spent his time mucking about in far-off lands chasing after riches, when he could have just sent somebody to go get them. While he thinks little of their father, Denedius loves his two grandsons, Adrian and Randolph. Keara’s just as bad as her father, though.

Denedius is the worst kind of bureaucrat – the smart kind. He’s intelligent, cunning, and revels in red tape. He also owns most of the mines in and around Wyrmspire, meaning he would profit greatly from another massive war. So he’s trying to start it. Benedict is trying to stop this. Katalina has, frustratingly, taken Benedict’s side on this one. Even so, she still invites Denedius to dinner every now and then, which leads to some awkward encounters. Denedius is also trying to get the Circle of Lords (a group of nobles from the Noble District) on the council, so as to get him more votes. He’s a crafty person. He’s just also not very nice.



  1. pieboy said,

    September 22, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Oh, good. Court intrigue is always fun.

    Also, are you aware that Argyle is a type of plaid?

  2. tuskedchimp said,

    September 22, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    Indeed it is.

    Yes. It also happens to sound really good as a foppy surname.

  3. August 24, 2008 at 2:08 am

    […] 824 A.F. – Benedict IV announces his heir.  The city waits with bated breath.  Turns out – it’s his daughter.  Keara Lynn Dargonne is the next in line for the throne.  This is met with mixed reaction.  The council is equally split between wanting to stab Benedict in the face for spitting on tradition, and giggling at the people who are outraged.  Benedict’s youngest son, Randolph Thaddeus Dargonne, comes out of the closet.  He begins hanging around with a minotaur sailor named Jurek.  Adrian Benedict Dargonne, the expected and expectant heir, disappears completely.  Keara continues adventuring, entirely ignoring the edict.  (More on Wyrmspire’s Royal Family) […]

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