Dinosaur MMORPG IV

This post is slightly different than the others, in that I actually have no idea what I’m going to do with it. Classes are hard because I can’t find an obvious way to make them interesting, and have them, like, involve dinosaurs. And stuff.

So I’ll just start ranting and assume a good or two idea will come out of it.

So, first of all, we need to talk about melee classes. We should have a few of these. First of all, we need the boring, plate-wearing, beat-the-crap-out-of-things class. This would be the equivalent to the Warrior in World of Warcraft. Since we’re attempting not to totally rip off World of Warcraft, and also attempting vaguely to parody medieval-ness, we’ll call this the Knight.

Of course, one melee class is not sufficient in any way whatsoever. So, let’s pull some more out of our collective ass. I’m thinking of two more right now. The first one is the Berserker. I want a Berserker because berserkers are bad ass mother fuckers. The basic theme of the Berserker is a melee fighter who focuses on speed and on his opponents dieing painful and horrible deaths.

The WoW equivalent of this is a Fury-spec’d Warrior. The Fury talent tree focuses on anything that happens being good for you. Do you get hit by a critical hit? Great! You deal 25% more damage for a few seconds and 3% of your health gets healed. Do you hit someone else with a critical hit? Sweet! You hit 30% faster for a few seconds. Does someone dodge your attacks? Awesome! Use Overpower (only usable after your target dodges) and, if you have the right talents in the Arms tree, you’re basically guaranteed to get a critical hit. This is what I want for the Berserker: a fast striking melee fighter who, upon getting hit hard or hitting hard, gets pissed. Obviously, he wouldn’t use Plate armor like the Knight, as that would slow him down.

The last pure melee class I have in mind would be based upon the WoW Rogue. It would be called a Stalker, because that’s just more dinosaury (totally a word). It’d basically be able to sneak around, sneak up behind people, and feed them pure ownage through convenient and recently created puncture marks. This class would, in all likelihood, be available only to the carnivorous races, as its roots would be in those races hunting for survival.

Now we need some ranged classes. These are probably going to be various magic classes, as I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of dinosaurs using bows. It just seems kind of silly. I don’t actually play any ranged classes in WoW (I play a Warrior and am also currently leveling a Paladin), so this part is going to be hard for me, especially since most magic classes would probably be based on religion of some sort, and that would require actual work on my part.

Let’s start at the beginning: we need a class that can heal. Okay, then. Let’s have a Priest. They’re religious, therefore they can heal. Logic. They would be ranged, because… uh… they would be ranged. I’m sure there’s a rationalization in there somewhere.

Okay, now we need a magical damage-doing class… let’s have a Wizard. It’ll wear robes and be cool and stuff. Since we need multiple magic damage classes, because they’re by definition pretty damn popular, let’s get ourselves a Sorcerer too. The difference will be that you attain Wizard magic by years of study or something boring like that, and you obtain Sorcerer magic by making a deal with some demon lord… which could lead to some interesting class features. Imagine getting punished by some otherworldly force every time you screwed up. Ouch.

So, we’ve got some ranged classes. I might add more if I feel like it, I’ve got some rough ideas that are, as of yet, not fully formed. Now, let’s get some hybrids up in here. For those of you that don’t know, a Hybrid is a class that combines multiple roles. And example of this in WoW would be the Druid, with the capability to heal, do damage, or tank depending on spec.

For our first hybrid class, let’s have a Battlemage. I’ve always liked the concept of a battlemage: you use magic and then you cut people. Hellz yeah. The Battlemage would probably wear mail, and would have limited magical abilities supplemented by some mad sword skillz.

Our second hybrid class should be able to change shape, because changing shape is seriously pimp. However, it should not be called a Druid, as Druids are a human invention and thus should not have anything to do with our wonderful dinosaurian world. I shall call it the Shifter, for lack of a better word. It shall be able to change into various quadrupedal dinosaurs, in the vein of the WoW Druid. I’m thinking a small Ceratopsian for maximum damage output, a small Ankylosaur for tanking (tanking is taking damage so your group of people wearing cloth doesn’t have to), and perhaps an Ichthyosaur for aquatic travel or something. Probably more than that, but whatever.

The third hybrid should involve healing… the Shifter would be able to heal, but probably not be the best at it. So, for the third hybrid, let’s have some kind of religious warrior. I regret calling it a Paladin (seems like too much of a WoW ripoff) but the only other viable option is Cleric, which doesn’t appeal to me. So… a Paladin. This would be a melee fighter with healing capabilities… that’s pretty much all.

In summary:

Melee Fighters

  • Knight
  • Berserker
  • Stalker

Ranged Fighters

  • Priest
  • Wizard
  • Sorcerer


  • Battlemage
  • Shifter
  • Paladin

This leaves us with nine classes; the same number as World of Warcraft. This is unsatisfactory, so I’ll be thinking of possibilities for another class in the next few days. Tomorrow, however, I’ll post which races can use which classes. It will be wonderful. Farewell for tonight.



  1. estelendur said,

    February 21, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    and feed them pure ownage through convenient and recently created puncture marks.
    That sentence is pure ownage.

    you use magic and then you cut people.
    Yeah. what more could you want? đŸ˜›

  2. blahsword said,

    December 11, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    palidens are not just in wow there in many things so dont regret your disition

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